Orbiting Dicta

Christmas 2009

Reports that a first-century burial shroud dug up in Israel differs from the Shroud of Turin has Shroud-skeptics all a-twitter.  They don’t match.  Funny.  The tee-shirts I got from Sears and Penny’s don’t match up either.  I guess they didn’t have a Wal-Mart in Nazareth in gospel times.

And that reminded me of the reconstruction a few years ago of the head of a first-century Palestinian on the remains of a skull dug up over there which led “observers” to declare that it must be what Jesus looked like.  Funny.  A forensic scientist reconstructed a head from a skull found in the woods near home and it doesn’t look at all like me.  I thought we all looked alike, the way people did in Jesus’ time.  I don’t look like Tiger Woods, either, even though we have the same last name. Strange world.

I wonder if the Republican Congressmen trying to get home to the Midwest for the holidays might have come to believe in climate change.  Of course, they should be used to snow-jobs by now given their desperate tactics to derail the Health Reform bills at any cost. Especially to the desperately poor and middle class folks who will mainly benefit.

Four Irish bishops have now resigned in the wake of the devastating report on cover-ups in the Archdiocesan sex-abuse cases in Dublin.  Everyone feels better now.  Except possibly the hundreds of victims and their families.

The world was shocked when some crazy lady knocked Pope Benedict down as he was processing into Mass at the Vatican on Christmas Eve.  As I read history, it seems evident that almost all the popes for the first three hundred years died a martyr’s death, and a number did afterwards, usually at the hands of politicians.  It’s a job risk.  We can always elect a new pope.  We can’t get a new Church.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happier, Holier New Year!