Orbiting Dicta

Eppy goes West!

Following the introduction of the intrepid old Irish dragon-hunter Epiphanius Tighe in A DIVERSITY OF DRAGONS by Anne McCaffrey and Richard Woods (see below), I decided to trace Eppy’s career back a notch to his first meeting with the McCaffrey and a hurried trip to Chicago, where an angry Libyan dragon is on a rampage following the theft of some items from its hoard. Eppy soon finds himself deep in police scandals, political hackery, family problems, and danger from felons and the dragon itself, which has found a snug lair in the underground freight tunnel system. Just the ticket for a cool Hallowe’en night! For an on-line sample or to order either an electronic copy or a print copy, click on IUniverse.com, amazon.com , or BarnesandNoble.com and search for “Epiphanius Tighe.”