Orbiting Dicta


If anyone has any lingering doubts that football is now the official American religion, please review the post-game events, especially the ceremonial procession of the Vince Lombardi trophy, which was adored and lovingly kissed and touched by the Patriots as it was carried reverently through the worshipful ranks.  I haven’t seen such devotion since the relics of Saint Therese were brought to New York….

It has everything – vast gathering places, mobs of the faithful ready to sacrifice anything to attend major feast day celebrations, priests, high priests, acolytes (of both genders – at least), invocations, rubrics, holydays of obligation, canonizations, excommunications, saints and sinners, and scandals involving both major and minor clergy.  There’s music and spectacle, official and unofficial historians, and commentators galore. And lots and lots of money.  What’s not to love?