Orbiting Dicta

Road War

Backtracking on his promise not to take “the low road” unless Hillary did so first, Donald Trump launched a pre-Mother’s Day attack on both Clintons that was on a road that can’t descend much lower (Ted Cruz may still hold the title of low road-runner, however, after his astonishing personal attack following the trumping he received in Indiana).  But perhaps the billionaire property developer was just reacting to the news that a Muslim had been elected Lord Mayor of London by a sizable majority the day before.  Or that “El Chapo” had been moved to a prison just across the border from El Paso… it’s difficult to tell.  But we will no doubt hear about it soon enough.  The corporate media outlets seem happy to offer the presumptive candidate yet more free air time.

No, despite his repeated pledges, the leopard has not yet changed his spots.  The question is, can he?