Orbiting Dicta


Dear Hillary,

I sympathize. The whole email controversy is a sham for one thing.  For another, Bernie was right.  The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your (expletive deleted) emails.  Well, many are.  I’m particularly tired of it.  But if it weren’t this, it would be something else.  Someone is surely trying to find the word “Benghazi” in those thousands and thousands of undeleted and supposedly deleted and deleted emails.  Comey of the FBI seems particularly interested, which is not surprising, since he has been trying to hang something damaging around your neck from the time he was a special counsel back in 1996 to the original Senate committee investigating (wait for it… drum roll, please) the Whitewater Affair. I think he was a Republican then.  He now says he’s independent. Like Bernie. But not very much so.

They didn’t find any wrong-doing then, and so far, they haven’t found any in the other areas under investigation. Not that they will stop looking.  Ever.  But for many in our country where one is presumed innocent until proved guilty, if there’s smoke, even fake smoke, there has to be some fire, even if in fact there are only mirrors.

My sympathy is not groundless.  When I just checked my three regular accounts, the total of undeleted emails is now 45,175, even though I just deleted 60 more and try to delete a hundred every day.  (I rest a bit on Sundays.)  At this rate, it will take me 14 months to delete them all, but I receive about 100 more every day, so I am not making much headway.  Most of those come from political action committees, virtually all of whom are seeking money from me. Small bits — $3 or so.  But these emails have multiplied like rabbits on Viagra.  I unsubscribe, but they come back, like bill collectors or people pushing bible tracts.  So that’s also why I am not making much headway.  And if someone asked me about whether there was a (C) in some of them, I’d have to do a global search, because I don’t recall.  I really don’t. I think you’ll understand.

P.S. I am told that the word “galore” comes from the Irish go lear which means “to the brim.” That is, “enough!”  In fact, more than enough.  Time to move on.  Don’t go all defensive.  You’re a piker compared to me.