Orbiting Dicta

No sauce for the geese?

Donald Trump’s consideration of retired General David Petraeus for Secretary of State provides an ironic statement on gender issues, not say the game of thrones or at least cabinet chairs.  Having been fined and placed on probation for criminally sharing classified information with his paramour, Petraeus retains the confidence of Trump and many members of Congress (unlike his paramour, who was demoted and has received an official reprimand from the military, freezing her career).  The irony is that it was her inadvertent inclusion of classified information in private emails (never assigned illegal status after the FBI’s microscopic investigation) as Secretary of State that supposedly rendered Hillary Clinton unfit to serve as President in Trump’s view, even warranting jail time.  At least Petraeus can cite precedent. (Of course, Hillary did, too: Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice also used private email servers. No one seemed to mind then.)