Orbiting Dicta

Foxes and the Henhouse

As the new President slowly and painfully fills the slots in his cabinet and administrative staff (apparently numbered around 700), it has become unmistakably clear who’s now in charge. Between ex-Wall Street bankers, vulture funders and hedgers, not to say former “employees” of Goldman Sachs (so instrumental in engineering the Great Recession of 2008), the most avaricious plutocrats in recent times have all but taken over the US government at the highest level.

What the struggling, white, middle-class voters of the hinterland and rust-belt will make of this is anybody’s guess.  It takes a while for folks to realize that in a shell game, the small fry never win.  Just try to keep your eye on the cup with the bean underneath it…  Yes, friends, you have been bamboozled.  Big time.

P.S. It wasn’t the immigrants who “stole” those jobs.  It was automation. And those jobs are not coming back, despite what the President said.