Orbiting Dicta


The devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey is fast assuming the status of the worst natural disaster in US history, surpassing the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina exactly 12 years ago this week.
Could the destruction have been prevented?  Not entirely, of course, but it could have been greatly reduced.

Step one: reduce carbon emissions significantly… best time to start: 25 years ago.

Step two: expand and develop environmental protection laws and policies… best time to start: 25 years ago.

Step three: pay greater attention to climate scientists, who warn that as the sea warms and levels rise, hurricanes will increase in size and intensity, if not necessarily in frequency… so we hope! Best time to start: tomorrow.

Take away for Mr. Trump: Climate Change is real. Do not gut the EPA regulations, the agency itself, or US natural resources.  Stay in the Paris Climate Accord.  The people deserve it. The earth requires it.