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Eckhart’s Way Now Available
Veritas Publications in Dublin has just released the newly revised edition of Eckhart’s Way, an exploration of the life, times, and spiritual doctrine of the great German Dominican mystic, Meister Eckhart. It is now available from Amazon.com in the US and in England .

CoverWELLNESSWellness: Life, Health and Spirituality is out there also:

In this book, I explore some of the important links between physical, emotional and mental health and spirituality, including longevity, resistance to disease and greater happiness. Wellness explores a number of areas in which a vibrant and healthy spirituality enables people to live longer, healthier lives, contribute to society and avoid many of the ‘discontents’ of our hectic technology-drive, commercialised, artificial and often lethal way of living in today’s world.
Angels, Demons, and the Devil

The new CD set of 12 lectures on Angels, Demons, and the Devil: Christian Belief and Experience is now available from Now You Know Media, in Chevy Chase, MD. You can find them at nowyouknowmedia.com.
St. Dominic & the Dominican Way Now Available

The four-CD set, St. Dominic and the Dominican Way, is available from Now You Know Media, in Chevy Chase, MD. You can find them at nowyouknowmedia.com. Renowned saints, theologians, mystics, missionaries, artists, teachers, preachers, and a number of notable rascals have been part of the Order since its accidental beginnings in southern France nearly 800 years ago. Find out more!
Christian Spirituality Now Available
In March 2006, Orbis Books published the third, revised and expanded edition of Christian Spirituality: God’s Presence through the Ages. The only single-volume history of Christian spirituality when it originally appeared, it is still distinctive in situating its origin and development in the context of historical events of the period. A new chapter has been added on 21st-century spirituality.
Bones of Contention ,” the latest installment in the adventures of my Knights Templar, Sir Friedrich von Hochheim and Robert of Troyes, has been published by Warner Books in Crusade of Fire – the third anthology in the Tales of the Knights Templar series. Edited by Katherine Kurtz, the series has been selling very well, and there’s rumbling about a fourth volume. In this tale, the Knights have found their way to Scotland, where they become involved in a scheme to protect the relics of St. Columba from being seized by Edward II before the Battle of Bannockburn. Although the story is fiction, the background is factual. To order click on Amazon.com or BarnesAndNoble.com
Eppy goes West! Following the introduction of the intrepid old Irish dragon-hunter Epiphanius Tighe in A DIVERSITY OF DRAGONS by Anne McCaffrey and Richard Woods (see below), I decided to trace Eppy’s career back a notch to his first meeting with the McCaffrey and a hurried trip to Chicago, where an angry Libyan dragon is on a rampage following the theft of some items from its hoard. Eppy soon finds himself deep in police scandals, political hackery, family problems, and danger from felons and the dragon itself, which has found a snug lair in the underground freight tunnel system. Just the ticket for a cool Hallowe’en night! For an on-line sample or to order either an electronic copy or a print copy, click on IUniverse.com, amazon.com , or BarnesandNoble.com and search for “Epiphanius Tighe.”
My last non-fiction book, The Spirituality of the Celtic Saints , appeared just before St. Patrick’s Day, 2000, from Orbis Press in New York. It’s an overview of the place, lives, and teachings of the great saints of Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, and Brittany who flourished between the fifth and twelfth centuries, and their later imitators down to the twentieth century who continue to shape the spirituality of millions of Christians throughout the world.
Mysticism and Prophecy: The Dominican Spiritual Tradition , was published in May, 1998 in London by Darton, Longman and Todd and that September by Orbis Press in New York. One of the first four volumes in the series, “Traditions of Christian Spirituality,” being edited by Philip Sheldrake, it is an account of the ways in which the “negative theology” of the early Church influenced, and was influenced by, “affirmative theology” in the teaching and lives of Thomas Aquinas, Meister Eckhart, and Catherine of Siena. Many other Dominicans (and some non-Dominicans) figure in the story. Originally, the title was Ways of Knowing and Unknowing God , but that seemed a little long. The new title captures the spirit of the Order very well, however .
Following on the big success of Katherine Kurtz’ first anthology, Tales of the Knights Templar , she rounded up the team and we put together a collection of new stories called On Crusade: More Tales of the Knights Templar . My contribution is called “The Treasure of the Temple,” and takes up where the first story left off. On Crusade was published in June by Warner Books in New York. It’s also available from Amazon.com . (A third volume of Tales will be in production shortly.)
St. Anthony Messenger Press has just released a new set of tapes I recorded for them this year called Holy Women and Mystics . In four presentations on two cassettes, I look into the lives, teachings, and influence of a number of remarkable medieval women (uppity ones included!) from Hildegard of Bingen and the Beguines to Julian of Norwich and Margery Kemp. The set can be found in some Catholic bookshops or can be ordered directly from St. Anthony Messenger Press, 1615 Republic Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45210 at $17.95.
A Diversity of Dragons , a partly-fictional history of dragons I co-authored with Anne McCaffrey has been lavishly illustrated by Canadian artist John Howe, and appeared in U.S. bookstores late last September from HarperPrism. ( The English edition is published by Simon and Schuster .) Illustrating the book added two years to the project, but John’s art is so compelling, I think you will agree that it was worth the wait. (It was released simultaneously in the U.S., England, and France.)Diversity traces the origin and development of the myth and symbol of the dragon from its earliest manifestations to its latest appearance in recent fantasy literature and science fiction. The large-format book also explores a current manifestation as Anne herself, Sean Evans, and a diminutive Irish dracologist named Epiphanius Tighe set out to investigate some mysterious events in County Wicklow. It’s available from bookstores and from Amazon.com . (The sequel, Epiphanius Tighe and the Dragon of East South Water Street , is now available from IUniverse.com’s Writer’s Choice Press. See above! )
Eckhart’s Way , an introduction to the life and teaching of Meister Eckhart, the great fourteenth-century Dominican mystic, is now out of print. Published back in 1986 by Michael Glazier in the US and Darton, Longman and Todd in the UK, used copies might still be found through Amazon.com .My large anthology of articles on the philosophy, psychology, and theology of religious experience, Understanding Mysticism , although out of print in the U.S., is still available in England from the Athlone Press, London.
A 3-hour tape cassette series, Angels: Faith, Theology, and Experience , originally recorded for Credence Cassettes, is now available directly from the Center for Religion and Society, 6418 N. Lakewood Ave., Chicago IL 60626, at $15.00 plus &3.00 for postage (within the continental U.S.). It takes a detailed look at the origin, history, and place of angels in Scripture, Christian traditions, and contemporary experience.
Meister Eckhart: The Gospel of Peace and Justice is also available from the Center for Religion and Society for $10.00 plus $3.00 for postage in the U.S. This 1993 tape series interprets Eckhart’s extensive preaching on the importance of original justice in people’s lives and the achievement of inner (and public) peace.
In the area of fiction, “Choices,” a short story about Meister Eckhart and the trial of the Templars, is one of the Tales of the Knights Templar edited by Katherine Kurtz and published in June, 1996, by Warner Books . It is also available from Amazon.com .