Orbiting Dicta


The four Americans who expected a constructive, reasonable, and compassionate response to the Sandy Hook tragedy from the National Rifle Association (AKA the NRA), must have been cruelly disappointed.  I doubt that anyone else was much surprised by today’s official statement, although many may have been appalled at the sustained detachment from reality that it displayed for all the world to consider.  And much of  it did so, by the way, in dismay.

The only way to stop bad guys from using guns against the peaceful and vulnerable is not more guns, but fewer guns.  Keeping them out of the hands of bad guys is a good place to start.  Especially keeping high-capacity assault rifles out of the hands not only of the bad guys but also the mentally or emotionally unbalanced guys.  Or even sadly mistaken guys who misidentify their children as burglars.  Placing armed guards in kindergarten classrooms smacks of the bleakest of dystopian science-fiction scenarios.

It might be worth considering that not only are the good guys with guns called police officers, of whom there are already not nearly enough to patrol malls, post offices, factories, and mass transit stations and carriages, but these same good guys want to get guns off the street.  Listen to the police chiefs, NRA guys.  Listen to the medical professionals.  Listen to the mayors of our major cities.

At the end of this day especially, it is clearer than ever.  Once again, the NRA has shown itself to be in the running for Public Enemy Number One.