Orbiting Dicta

The Dog Days

The view from abroad… US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have arrived in Cairo to sort things out, using the diplomatic finesse they developed in their productive and amiable dealings with the Obama administration.  Not to mention sorting out Syria. That should be good for at least a shove toward civil war.  In the meantime, Silvio Berlusconi’s supporters have gathered in Rome to support  their leader.  His prison sentence for tax evasion and assorted sleazy activities (he’s the man who put bunga back into cowabunga!) was reduced from four years to one, but because of Italy’s lenient guidelines for imprisoning the elderly, he will not spend any time actually in jail.  Here in Ireland, when the prime witness implicated in a corruption trial resulting from widescale bribery “fell ill,” the state prosecution dropped its case against a handful of leading citizens.  It’s always good to have friends in high places.  Europe can be more like Chicago than Chicago is.

It’s a bank holiday here, the last three-day weekend of the summer.  It is, of course, raining after months  of often dazzlingly good weather, at least in County Wicklow, “the sunny southeast.”  What is it about early August or is it merely  the Curse of the Bank Holiday…?