Orbiting Dicta

Bundy’s Blunder

Maybe it’s something about the family name, but rancher Cliven Bundy (no apparent relation to Ted) has succeeded in mesmerizing the nation (momentarily) with redneck bravado and now racism in his standoff with the federal government over unpaid rents for grazing his cattle on public (i.e., U.S. Government) land.  Sean Hannity’s riposte to Jon Stewart about Bundy’s freeloading on government range was revealing – “cows eating free government grass” — sounds like food stamps for cattle to me.  A pity, then, that Hannity doesn’t believe in food stamps for the poor.  Poor people, that is.  People that were allegedly, in Cliven Bundy’s not-so-well-chosen words, “better off as slaves picking cotton.”

The cattle stampede of formerly-ardent Republican fans away from Bundy is all-too-revealing.  Even Hannity found Bundy’s remarks “beyond despicable… beyond ignorant.”  Not the first time you bet on the wrong horse, Sean.  Or in this case, jackass.