Orbiting Dicta

The Triumph of Capitalism, No. 87

Biometrics indicate that (western) bodies have grown generally larger over the last 50 years. Airlines passenger seats noticeably haven’t. More oversized customers have in some instances even been required to pay extra fare for double accommodation. Lawsuits have entered the picture, some by irate patrons who found it an infringement of their rights to have their neighbor’s body parts flow over the armrest into their purchased personal space. It is annoying, especially on very long flights.

America’s airlines (and some European carriers let it be known) have responded not by enlarging seats proportionately, but by making them smaller in order to squeeze more passengers into increased numbers of rows and, needless to say, reaping the financial rewards for such aerial sadism. Welcome to the wonderful world of capitalism…

P.S. It was not reassuring to watch Bernie Sanders morph into Donald Trump this week – “Well, she started it!” And your muthuh weahs army shoes… nyah, nyah, nyah. Thank heaven for PBS’ sane and sober Charlie Rose, who may have put a stop to the descent into the playground politics so fascinating to segments of the GOP. But how strange to have TV newsfolk becoming the adults in the room.