Orbiting Dicta

Trumped Again

Wysiwyg…or, in terms more understandable to a contemporary electorate, What You See Is What You Get.  Or maybe not.

We are now informed by the Republican National Committee that what millions and millions of people thought they saw in Donald Trump was just a ruse or, in more partisan terms, a sham, a lie.  His profanity, incendiary rhetoric, posing, strutting, grimacing, shouting, and did I say profanity? – all a joke.  He will now seem more presidential, we are told. Seem, madam? Nay it isn’t, at least according to Trump, who is not about to molt his on-camera persona. He’s having too much fun.  But at whose expense?

Ted Cruz seems to be enjoying the masquerade, or the real Trumpishness, and has lowered his own rhetoric into gutter humor about cross-dressing and, well, lying. Ah yes, wysiwyg.  June will soon be bustin’ out all over, however.  Perhaps an end is in sight.  Or will it be a new beginning? Will the leopard change his spots? Or more to the point, can he?