Orbiting Dicta

Nation of Immigrants

The irrepressible Mr. Trump has again demonstrated that he is capable of turning a bad thing into a good thing, at least for himself, converting the nation’s largest mass shooting into an opportunity to spread anti-Muslim hate speech. But there is a little problem about consistency in his attitude toward immigrants. In Trump (or should I say Drumpf?) World there are, it seems, both good immigrants and bad immigrants.  Bad immigrants are those Mr. Trump/Drumpf doesn’t like – especially Muslims and Mexicans.  Good immigrants are from nice places like Scotland and Germany, where his mom and grandparents were born.  Yes, the Donald is the son and grandson of immigrants.  His mother, Mary Anne McLeod, came to the United States in 1930 and became a U.S. citizen in 1942.  His grandparents settled in the U.S. back in 1905 after leaving Kallstadt, Germany, although Donald lied about that for years, claiming they were Swedish.  It’s all on Wikipedia, folks. The ancestral name Drumpf was changed to Trump either during the Thirty Years War or in 1885. But what’s in a name? But just think, if the U.S. had stricter immigration laws, we wouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of a  xenophobic, hate-mongering, self-serving president named Trump.  Or Drumpf.