Orbiting Dicta


If Senator Bernie Sanders can’t calm down his avid and angry fans, he could do down in history as the man who elected Donald Trump president.  Hillary Clinton may not be the ideal candidate, but as presidential timber, she’s many board feet ahead of the competition.  Plagued by her political (and personal) opponents for almost a quarter century, she was routinely exonerated by independent counsel Ken Starr, and was exculpated for misconduct in the Benghazi attack and the deleted emails controversy.  Her most recent nemesis, FBI director James Comey, a “former Republican,” was a special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee that tried to lynch Clinton in 1996.  What a coincidence. He failed again this year to find anything actionable, but didn’t stop short of smearing Clinton anyway. When did “Republican values” become an oxymoron?  But then, it is an election year.