Orbiting Dicta

Day of Reckoning

Rarely has the American voting public had such a momentous choice to make from a roster of candidates for the highest office in the land, indeed as it has come to be called by many, the post of “leader of the free world.”  We have come almost to the end of a campaign season mired in innuendo, vituperation, scandal (whether real or fabricated), international interference, hacked emails, and what is arguably the most vicious and highly personal attacks regarding character, honesty, and fitness for office that the country has ever known.  And the centuries have seen some astonishing instances.  But in almost every respect, the present campaign is unprecedented.  Small wonder that so many people are dismayed, discouraged, and disgusted by the whole business.

But all that makes it even more imperative to vote.  Not only to exercise the noble privilege of participation in what is probably still the oldest surviving democratic process on the planet, but to assure for the coming years and even coming generations the assurance that the better angels of our nature will continue to guide that process.  Let us vote and vote well.