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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

7 December 1941

On Friday, Aug. 8, I spoke on “Meister Eckhart’s Living Wisdom” at The Lantern Intercultural Centre, Synge St, Dublin 8, Ireland.

What Nelson Mandela’s life and work tells us about the meaning of Advent…  For this week’s homily, click on Preaching above.

There’s more to Thanksgiving than a day at the mall…  Click on Preaching for the homily for Thanksgiving Day

The old world is ending… But a new world is coming.  For the current homily, click on Preaching above.

Death be not proud — the message of autumn.  For the latest homily, click on Preaching

Justice and Judgment are easy to talk about but hard to get.  See the latest homily in Preaching.

Between faith and gratitude lies healing.  And we need it!  Click on Preaching for today’s homily.

Homily for Thursday Sept. 12

Is violence the only way forward?  Click on Preaching for today’s homily.

Free at Last!

Slavery is not just a matter of chains and locks.  The worst slavery of all is deep within.  Click on Preaching (above) for this week’s homily.